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mirandahart's Journal

A Miranda Hart Fan Community
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For fans of Miranda Hart!

Hello to you and thanks for joining this is exciting isn't it?!
Welcome to the livejournal community dedicated to the marvelisimous Miranda Hart. A british actress, writer, and stand-up comedienne best known for her BBC sitcom Miranda. She has also appeared in Not Going Out, Hyperdrive and her semi-autobiographical sitcom Miranda Hart's Joke Shop on BBC Radio 2.

Join the community to share and discuss the latest news, pictures, fan video's, icons and graphics of this very talented lady.

01. You should be a fan of Miranda Hart. No bashing of Miranda or her roles will be tolerated. Posts/comments of this kind will be deleted.
02. Posts here must be Miranda related; unrelated posts will be deleted.
03. A Maximum of 4 teaser icons is allowed as a preview.
04. Posts containing really large pictures or graphics must be put under an lj-cut.
05. Links to fan video's on youtube are allowed, just keep them clean!
06. No Spamming or Hotlinking.
07. Do not make a post promoting a community/site/etc. without my permission, please message me first.

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